Principles of Environmental Accounting Book

AIEA Vice President, Russel Marks has published a book titled Principles of Environmental Accounting. Here is a brief synopsis: Environmental accounting is a broad discipline and involves all activities which significantly impact the environment. Environmental accountants must necessarily acquaint themselves with many diverse subjects ranging from metallurgy, hydrology and geology through to industrial processes, mining Read more about Principles of Environmental Accounting Book[…]

EcoForum 2018 Conference

AIEA Vice President Russell Marks gave a presentation to the EcoForum 2018 Conference in Sydney on 3rd October 2018. He introduced his thoughts on how environmental accounting relates to ethics and being able to demonstrate the reliability of environmental data.Russell Marks EcoForum 2018 Presentation

Navigating the Safeguard Mechanism Presentation, Perth June 2017

AIEA Vice-President, Russell Marks, recently presented an overview of issues around the Safeguard Mechanism in Perth. Understanding this framework is essential for any orgainsation meeting the threshold requirements or those assisting them with carbon and energy reporting. See the video of the presentation here: Download the full presentation here: AIEASafeguardOverview