July 22, 2013


Australian Institute of Environmental Accounting

GPO Box 3189, GPO Sydney, NSW 2000

Level 2, 6 Barrack St, Sydney, NSW 2000

ABN 22 151 952 635

Ph: 0499 319 166

Email: info@environmentalaccounting.org.au

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Our Committee


Name: Andrew Gunst – President

Company: Carbon Intelligence Pty Limited

Mobile: 0411 185 601

Email: Click Here

Company Website: http://www.CarbonIntel.com.au

Profile: Andrew is one of the few Registered National Greenhouse and Energy Auditors registered to practice in all available categories:

Category 1 Technical (data, measurements, calculations and estimations); Category 1 Non-Technical (legal Facility and Operational Control decisions); and Category 2 (able to lead audit teams of any size).

Andrew is the CEO of Carbon Intelligence, a consultancy assisting organisations to measure and manage their energy use and carbon emissions. He speaks frequently to Australian and international audiences on Carbon pricing and accounting.

Andrew has over two decades experience in a wide range of industries including petrochemical, gas, chemical, pharmaceutical, brewing, food and logistics.  He has managed corporations, operations, projects, research & development and information technology, with over a decade at General Manager and CEO level.

Andrew is a Bachelor of Chemical Engineering with Honours, majoring in Environment Protection Engineering, is a Master of Business Administration, and has been elected foundation President of the relevant professional association, the Australian Institute of Environmental Accounting.


Name: Russell Marks – Vice President

Company: Greenbase Pty Ltd

Phone: 08 9455 5455

Email: Click Here

Company Website: http://www.greenbase.com.au

Profile: Russell Marks established Greenbase in 1990 in response to the growing demand for expertise in the management of environment and natural resource data. He is a qualified Engineering Hydrographer with over forty years experience in the water industry in both Western Australia and South Australia. He also has over twenty five years experience in environmental data management, database design and implementation.

These days Russell spends most of his time assisting clients with emissions accounting and reporting to meet their regulatory obligations related to the National Pollutant Inventory and the National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting system.


Name: Chris Wilson – General Committee

Company: Pangolin Associates Pty Ltd

Phone: 02 8005 6300

Email: Click Here

Company Website: http://pangolinassociates.com/

Profile: Chris is a developer and provider of a suite of sustainability advisory services. He constructs and maintains frameworks and management systems that deliver effective environmental outcomes and efficiency gains. Chris has several years experience in the sector. Prior to Pangolin Associates he was a Senior Emissions Auditor at Carbon Planet.

Chris is certified as an Associate Environmental Auditor through RABQSA, and a full member of the Environment Institute of Australia and New Zealand. He has a Master’s Degree in Environmental Management from the University of New South Wales, and a Bachelor’s Degree in The History & Philosophy of Science from Griffith University.

Chris is a Registered Greenhouse and Energy Auditor (Category 1 Technical) under section 75A of the National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting Act 2007 through the Australian Government Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency.