Principles of Environmental Accounting Book

AIEA Vice President, Russel Marks has published a book titled Principles of Environmental Accounting.
Here is a brief synopsis:

Environmental accounting is a broad discipline and involves all activities which significantly impact the environment. Environmental accountants must necessarily acquaint themselves with many diverse subjects ranging from metallurgy, hydrology and geology through to industrial processes, mining methods, oil and gas production methods to name but a few.
As a separately recognized profession, environmental accounting is in the formative stages. This book describes a high level view intended to contribute to the debate necessary for development of the environmental accounting profession.
The book begins with the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and shows how they apply to environmental accounting as well as proposing additional principles peculiar to environmental accounting. It then discusses the structure of environmental data, the environmental accounting process and some particular environmental accounting techniques.

The book comes free with financial membership of the AIEA or can be purchased in hard copy here:

Principles of Environmental Accounting

or in eBook format here:

Principles of Environmental Accounting (eBook)

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